Rich Creamy Soji (Semolina Pudding)

Rich Creamy Soji (Semolina Pudding)

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I gave my friend Rich Creamy Soji recipe because her family wanted to eat some. However, she didn’t get to make it as she was not feeling well.  I therefore offered to make some for her and they absolutely loved it.

I don’t make this Rich Creamy Soji often but I do have a delicious recipe that I created and use it from time to time.

What is this Rich Creamy Soji or Soojee as some know it

Soji is an Indian dessert made with Semolina and it is loaded with butter. So please do not eat this more than once a year….Lol! I promise I don’t make this much because as delicious at it is I think I will have a heart attack eating this butter loaded deliciousness every other day.

These are the kind of sweet treats you keep for those special occasions. I do love comfort food and yes I love butter. But unfortunately we can’t always indulge in everything we love.

This Rich Creamy Soji is also typically served as a dessert at Indian weddings or a religious function and therefore eggs are not added to it. Soji is a comforting dish. It’s rich and creamy with a soft texture. The texture totally depends on how you prefer it.

You can add less milk and get a thicker texture or you can add more milk and have a velvety, soft texture. I prefer the latter.

What is the key ingredient to make Soji

Soji is made with Semolina which is a coarse flour made from durum wheat. Here in South Africa some of us use Taystee Wheat in our Soji,  which is a breakfast porridge mix made from wheat semolina and has a smoother texture.

Addition of Saffron

I did add a pinch of Saffron to the Soji. However, I am not a fan of Saffron in my Soji. Just my personal preference. To get that yellow colour in the soji you can use a few drops of egg yellow food coloring if you choose not to add Saffron.

I love the taste of the cardamom in my Soji and it’s best to roast and grind your own, nothing better than freshly ground spices.  Although I did add Saffron as one of the ingredients you really don’t have to use it.

A tablespoon is perfect to measure the condensed milk. The reason I do this is so I can have more control over the amount I add to the Soji. I hate anything super sweet. I think I am sweet enough…hahaha! So you can start with 6 tablespoons and just add more as you go along until it has the right amount of sweetness for you.

Rich Creamy Soji

My other favorite Indian sweet treats is Vermicelli or Rice Pudding

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Rich, Creamy Soji

Semolina pudding loaded made with butter, cardamom, cinnamon and almond
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 6


  • 3/4 cup Taystee Wheat or Semolina
  • 125 gram + 25 gram Butter
  • 2 pieces cinnamon stick
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 tspn elachie/cardamom powder
  • 1 tspn almond powder
  • few strands of saffron (optional)
  • few drops egg yellow food colouring
  • 6-8 tbsp condensed milk you can add more if you prefer
  • fresh cream (optional)


  • In a medium size pot melt 125 grams butter on a low heat. Add a few drops of food colouring to the milk and set aside.
  • Add the cinnamon sticks and taystee wheat to the butter and cook for about 5 minutes. It will turn slightly brown.
  • Remove from heat and slowly add the milk, use a whisk and keep stirring. Return to the heat. It will splutter a little so be careful.
  • Keep a close eye on it and keep mixing until it starts to thicken. It will leave the sides of the pan and you will see the butter floating around the edges.
  • Add the other 25 grams of butter together with the cardamom and almond powder and mix well. Add the condensed milk and remove from heat
  • You can serve with a drizzle of fresh cream and a sprinkle of almonds if you prefer


  1. Some readers felt the milk was far too much whilst others thought it was perfect. To be safe please reduce the milk by half cup if you feel it is too much
  2. You can use Semolina or Taystee Wheat, they both work equally well
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  1. Zulekha Hassim

    Lovely recipe!!! Thank you for sharing, so simple and easy to make, and it tastes DELISSSSHHHH!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Zulekha! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the recipe and it turned out great. Yes it is a simple, delicious Soji. It’s why I too love it πŸ™‚

      1. Nina

        5 stars
        Today is actually the third time I’ve made this recipe, the previous times I was late to the table so I didn’t even get to taste the outcome, apart from pinching from the pot before it was done…lol. It is absolutely delicious!!! It’s by far the easiest recipe and definitely the BIGGEST on FLAVOUR & RICHNESS. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us Lorraine. My family and I love it.

        1. Lorraine

          Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Nina. I am so happy to hear that your family loved the recipe and you got to eat some yourself. Take Care:-)

    2. Adiel

      Hi Lorraine, I’m new in the kitchen and Soji was one of the first things I wanted to try. I stumbled on this recipe, got the ingredients and today I decided to give it a bash. It came out Amazing. Thank you.

      1. Lorraine

        Thank you Adiel. I am glad your first cooking experience was a pleasant one. Wishing you many more successful dishes πŸ™‚

  2. Nissa

    5 stars
    Thank you for such a simple and delicious recipe. Just searched for a rich soji recipe and found this one. Just made it now and it came out really good. I tried making soji once before following a different recipe and it flopped so this is really a great recipe that I will continue to use in future.

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Nissa. I myself have followed recipes that never worked so it was time I created one that worked. Really glad the recipe worked for you. Thank you so much for the rating:-)

  3. Thasneem

    Taystee wheat only… Does it spoil using semolina.
    Thank you ❀ ur blog makes awesome reading. Just drew up a list of what I am gonna make from here. May u inspire to become bigger.

    1. Lorraine

      Hi Thasneem! Yes you can use Semolina, my apologies. I haven’t used it in a very long while so I forgot to mention it in my recipe. Will add it in my notes. Thank you for reading and for your kind words. Stay Safe:-)

  4. Diksha

    5 stars
    Thanks Lorraine
    Your recipe is perfect the family loved it!
    We don’t like Semolina so this was a great alternative even the baby had some and he loved it! β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you Diksha. Glad your family enjoyed the recipe, we love it too. Stay Safe:-)

  5. Jenal

    Wow after many previous failed attempts I finally found an easy and tasty recipe thank you dear

    1. Lorraine

      Glad to hear that Jenal. Thank you so much. Take Care:-)

  6. Candice

    5 stars
    Without a doubt the best soji recipe I have come across. After many failed attempts this one was the easiest and the best. My family loved it.

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you Candice. That’s great news. Took me a while to get it right too so I get you. Take Care:-)

  7. Thomas

    5 stars
    Thank you. Soji was very delicious and it was first time making it. My daughter loved it.

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you:-)

  8. Jackie

    5 stars
    I’ve used your recipe about 3 times so far and it’s simply perfection each time. It’s so easy and simple. Definitely the best soji recipe I’ve ever tried

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Jackie! Don’t we all love it when a simple recipe can also taste delicious. Glad you finally found a recipe you love. Take Care:-)

  9. Kershnee

    5 stars
    Absolutely divine!

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Kershnee:-)

  10. Soms

    5 stars
    Hi. Absolutely delicious soji recipe. Thank you for sharing. My daughter introduced me to it. It’s the first time I attempted soji and I made it often since I first tried your recipe.

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Soms. I am happy to hear the recipe worked well for you and you most welcome:-)

  11. Lezell

    5 stars
    I love Soji.. but don’t make it often and whenever I do, I usually google a new recipe.. it’s never been quite right and I’m sometimes disappointed with the outcome … Until now! I love your recipe, it easy to make , perfect texture and flavor. I will be saving this one as my go to recipe for the future. Thank you .Lezell

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you Lezell, so glad you enjoyed the Soji. Take Care:-)

  12. Sunny

    I’ve made soji before but this recipe was not good. I think it’s because I increase the amount of servings. Things went wrong with the addition of the milk… I’m busy trying to salvage it, not sure if I should just stop before I waste my condensed milk as well.

    1. Lorraine

      Hi Sunny! When you add milk to the soji it usually does look a like it’s a lot of milk, however you have to keep stirring to reach the right consistency. It does dry up as you cook it. If you don’t want to waste your condensed milk I suggest you try another recipe, if you’re not confident this will work. I’m sorry that my recipe did not work for you. Have a great day!

  13. Deshni

    5 stars
    This recipe was so delicious and easy to make!!😍 I used 2 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in the milk instead of condensed milk and it was great! Was so impressed with the texture and taste! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Deshni. I appreciate the comment and star rating. Glad the recipe worked for you even with the substitution. Take care:-)

  14. Shantell

    5 stars
    Recipe was so easy and soji was delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I’ve tried lots of other recipes but this one was definitely the easiest and best.

    1. Lorraine

      Thank you so much Shantell! I am so happy to hear that the recipe worked for you. Take Care:-)

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