25 August 2019 Lorraine

Okra or lady-fingers as some people know it, is definitely not the nicest thing to prepare. It is a little slimy but I don’t think enough to make you go squeamish. Okra must be washed and wiped properly with some paper towels, then left to air dry for a short while. I usually cut them up and place them on some paper towel to dry out a bit. This recipe is a simple one where I cook the Okra with Chilli and Garlic. Once cooked it is delicious, it has a crisp, nutty flavour,  provided that you cook it perfectly….

24 August 2019 Lorraine

I have made tons of Biryani in my lifetime but I still find new ways of making them all the time. With Indian cooking I think it’s how it is. You make the same dish a hundred times but you never always use the exact same recipe. Have you found yourself doing that? I cook with spices almost everyday and when it comes to Indian food I never look at a recipe. This Chicken Biryani is one of those that I have probably adjusted the spices a few times already. I love Biryani so I make it my mission to…

23 August 2019 Lorraine

A very Happy Janmashtami to all my Hindu friends that’s celebrating this auspicious occasion today. May you all have a blessed day! My family absolutely loves pasta of any kind, any form, any shape, any sauce as long as it’s pasta! So i think today is that Creamy Mushroom Pasta kinda day! I went shopping a few days ago just to grab a few items but I came back with a box full of veggies. To my surprise I walked into the veggie store and they had vegetable galore and it was all selling for R10, can you believe that….