19 October 2019 Lorraine 1Comment

I am not a huge fan of eggs so you will rarely find me making an egg for myself. Unless I go out to breakfast or sometimes I share my hubby’s breakfast. I am more the muesli and yogurt kind of girl, it’s what I have almost everyday. Sometimes it will be a smoothie. But I do love quiche and these Easy Salmon Frittatas. They are made in the giant muffin pan so they not exactly mini thus the name…haha! The idea behind making these Easy Salmon Frittatas larger than usual was because I planned to serve them for dinner….

18 October 2019 Lorraine

It’s almost that time of year again when we celebrate Diwali. I must admit I am not crazy about the Diwali baking. Not because I don’t love eating all the goodies but because so much work goes into making them. I am not a fan of decorating finicky little sweet treats. I am  not very creative when it comes to decorating so that makes my decorating a little challenging. Not that I don’t try. And there’s nothing wrong with my recipes. It all tastes good but I can’t guarantee they will all look like they’ve “stepped” out of a gourmet…

16 October 2019 Lorraine

Today I was totally lost as to what to cook. Since I’ve been back I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything, I think I am just exhausted. Well, I didn’t have a choice but to cook. We could do takeout but I prefer a homecooked meal over takeout. The quality of food is just not great anymore. At least with my cooking I know what goes into it. In saying that I don’t often use packet stuff and marinades. I prefer making my own from scratch. However, someone gave me a whole lot of Nandos marinades and sauces….