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My mum-in-law makes these biscuits often and my kids love them. I am totally in love with coconut so this recipe is one of my favourites too. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and the extra coconut adds a lovely crisp texture to these Coconut Nests. You can also whip up a batch in just a few minutes. These cookies are great as gifts too, who wouldn’t love some of these.

If you struggle with decorating, welcome to the club. These cookies gets rolled into little balls, use your thumb to make a thumbprint in the middle (only I couldn’t use my thumb because it’s too big and ugly, I wasn’t blessed with beautiful dainty hands…haha!), pop on a piece of cherry or jam and you good to go.

Coconut Butter Cookies

I prefer baking cookies on a lower heat. Cookies don’t always cook well in the centre when baked too quickly. These cookies should get a little brown, you want that coconut to look toasted. If you don’t have cherries you can use some jam to decorate. In most of my cookie recipes I don’t give you an exact measurement for the flour. Somedays you may need a little more and other days a little less. I therefore advise that you always add a little flour at a time when baking cookies. If you add all the flour at once you may end up with a stiff dough. When making your thumbprints the dough will crack a little but that’s normal. There’s no rocket science to these cookies apart from your dough being the right consistency (soft, pliable dough) so I am sure you will have fun making them.

Coconut Butter Cookies

These Coconut Nests was the last thing on my list for Diwali. I am so glad I am done with the baking. Now I can relax a little.

Whilst we all celebrate Diwali please spare a little thought for those that are less fortunate. Not everyone is as privileged to enjoy life’s little pleasures. If you can feed just one hungry person that will be a huge blessing. Yes I have done my bit today and I feel better, I am only mentioning this because I have to practice what I preach.

Hope you all have a great Diwali filled with love and light!

Coconut Nests

Crisp, buttery cookies made with coconut. Little morsels of heaven
Cuisine General
Keyword butter cookies, coconut biscuits, diwali recipe
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 30


  • 250 gram/1 cup butter room temperature
  • 1/2 cup/125ml castor sugar
  • 2 cups desiccated coconut
  • 1&1/2 cups cake wheat flour you may not need all of it
  • glazed cherries for decorating


  • Preheat oven at 160 degrees Celsius. Line 2 cookies sheets with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy using an electric or hand mixer
  • Mix in coconut
  • Add a little flour at a time until you form a soft dough, pliable dough
  • Using a teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on how big you prefer your cookies, scoop a little dough. Roll it into a round ball. Using your thumb or a decorating tool create a thumbprint in the centre and place a piece of cherry or a little jam on top. The cookies will spread out when baked.
  • Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes or until cookies are just starting to turn brown
  • Transfer cookies to a cooling rack. Once cool store in an airtight container

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