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Here are some handy tips to bake the perfect biscuits, from Good Housekeeping UK. I must admit I haven’t had too many biscuit disasters so I must be doing something right. One of the tips is to refrigerate your biscuit dough before cutting them into shapes and baking them, however I find cutting them into shapes before refrigerating works a charm for me, it’s much easier to handle the dough when it’s not too cold. Over the years I have also learned that my biscuits are cooked when I can smell them, this can prevent your cookies from being overcooked. When rolling my cookie dough I always place some wax paper or cling wrap on my work surface and after cutting my shapes I lift them up with the cling wrap to prevent the shape from getting messed up. Just a few of my little tips but here’s more from the experts.  I hope these tips helps you bake better biscuits, you can try some tricks using my recipe for Butter Biscuits

1. Butter is better

I have to agree with this one. Butter makes the best biscuits. Margarine doesn’t have the complexity of flavour nor does it give the biscuits a crisp texture

2. Use the right equipment

Biscuits don’t need to rise a lot so use a wooden spoon or a food processor to combine the ingredients. A food processor is great for mixing without aerating

3. Chill it

A warm dough will allow the biscuits to spread whilst baking. Chill your dough before rolling out and cutting into shapes

4. They see me rollin…

If your biscuits are too hard, you’re probably rolling your dough trimmings too many times. Doing this develops gluten and makes tough biscuits. If your dough is becoming too elastic and hard to roll, wrap it in cling film and chill for 10 minutes to allow the gluten to relax

5. Tough Stuff

Don’t cook your biscuits for too long, this is the reason it may be too hard. Biscuits straight out the oven can feel a little soft but they do firm up as they cool

6. Falling apart

If your biscuits are too crumbly your recipe may need a little more liquid or you have too much flour.

7. Soggy Bottoms

If your freshly baked biscuits seem too soft after they cool, it’s either under baked or there’s too much liquid in the recipe

8. Great Shape

When transferring your cookies from our work surface to your cookie sheet use a palette knife to lift them. If you’re making drop biscuits use a small ice-cream scoop to portion out the dough so they are all exactly the same size

9.Give them some room

Space your biscuits on the baking tray, this allows them to bake evenly and they won’t stick together

10. Freezing biscuit dough

You can freeze your biscuit dough and defrost when you baking your biscuits.

11. Don’t be soft

Store biscuits in an airtight container to prevent them from getting soft








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