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I am really excited to add a “lifestyle” blog to my website. I’ve always loved a pretty home and even when I couldn’t afford much I always added little personal touches to make it my own. I’m no expert at interior decorating but I love learning and growing and I’ve improved so much in terms of my decorating skills. I absolutely love it and when time permits I also try my hand at little DIY projects.  So when Ramona Afonso so kindly gave me the opportunity to collaborate on her #Romancingthehome page I grabbed it of course.

My decorating style is more eclectic I would say. I do love French and Country décor but I love mixing old with new and often add my own little touch to things. What’s most important for me about decorating is that every space in my home must be warm and welcoming with a calming energy. The only space in my home that’s bright and bold is my 10 year old’s Super Hero Bedroom, I guess I had no choice but to go with bold reds and blues in keeping with his crazy theme.

This Super Hero Bedroom fits in perfectly with the Masculine theme for #Romancingthehome. My son is Super Hero crazy and nothing makes him happier than spending time in his favourite room surrounded by his favourite super heroes, well that’s when he’s not in a super hero costume trying to scale walls…lol!. We have moved into our new home recently so I am still trying to finish up the decorating, I’m not quite where I would like to be yet but I know very soon it will be just the way I want it.

For me decorating is not about purchasing the most expensive décor. I love good quality furniture, rugs and stuff that I know I can keep “forever” but when it comes to décor accessories like cushions and little bits and pieces I prefer budget friendly stuff. It allows me to change my décor whenever I wish without feeling too much guilt.



I picked up the cute little Super Hero wooden décor from a little shop in the Drakensberg, called Ugly Duckling whilst we were on holiday. They make the cutest little wooden frames and décor. I have kept the walls a neutral colour because it allows me to add bold elements in a room without it looking too over the top.

I purchased a fabric headboard because I feel the fabric gives the room a warm, cosy feel. I love the bright colours as it adds a fun element to the room and it’s perfect for boisterous boys, just raises their energy levels a bit more ….lol!  I would love to add a few more touches to the room but for now it’s perfect.

Our floors are covered with laminate but I love the addition of rugs, it’s another way to create warmth in the room. Boys love playing on the floor so in Winter it makes it more comfy.

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