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I’ve been waiting for Spring just so I could try my new Rose Cardamom Icecream flavour. Rose flavour is not new to me, I think every Indian home has had Rose syrup or Rose Essence stored in their cupboards. Rose syrup and rose essence can be found in most Indian spice shops, rose essence is a lot more concentrated than the rose water so the rose flavour really comes through when using it in baking. I remember growing up my mum always made us Bombay Crush, it’s an Indian milkshake made with Rose syrup and milk and my mum added ice-cream to make it extra special we loved it. I thought if we can have rose flavoured milk, imagine how much more delicious it would be in ice-cream.

My kids love ice-cream and I am too afraid to make it because they have allergy issues so they cannot drink anything ice-cold or even go out in the cold, it’s not a joke, they get frantically ill. People think I’m crazy when I tell them this but it is true.  My 17-year-old used to get asthma attacks when he was younger, after drinking anything ice-cold. I remember we went to Durban on holiday once and he stayed at my parents home, my mum of course just lets them be, it’s how grandparents are, they allow the grandkids to get away with almost anything. He managed to pull the wool over my mum’s eyes and have some cold drink straight out the fridge and when we arrived to fetch him that afternoon he was frantically ill. We had to rush him off to a doctor in the area. He had to be nebulizer as he couldn’t breathe and he was pretty scared and so was I, I remember what an amazing doctor we found, he took such care of my son and put him at ease and comforted him until he could breath normally again. That was quite a scary experience and I thought my child will never touch anything ice-cold again but that fear was short-lived. He has outgrown the asthma now so he is allowed ice-cold stuff but in moderation.

Now you see I’m not crazy, I have a valid reason for not making ice-cream more regularly.  This ice-cream is only going to be tasted by my 9-year-old when the temperature is scorching, it’s the only time he may be able to have it without getting ill. My friends will tell you I’m a little crazy but I swear I’m not making any of this up.

Back to the Rose Cardamom icecream, this is a flavour that is so irresistibly awesome, you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven. This Ice-cream is uncomplicated to make, it’s no churn,  it’s cheaper than store-bought and no funny ingredients are going it to it, that’s what I love about homemade.  I added some cardamom to this ice-cream but just a teaspoon as I wanted more of the rose flavour but feel free to add more if you wish.

Rose Cardamom Ice-Cream

Servings 8


  • 2 cups / 500ml fresh cream cold
  • 385 gram condensed milk or 1 tin
  • 2 tspn /10ml rose essence
  • 2 tbsp /30ml rose syrup
  • 1 tspn elachie/cardamom powder


  • Using a stand mixer or a hand mixer mix the condensed milk together with the rose essence
  • Whip the fresh cream well until it forms soft peaks, be careful not to overmix
  • Gently fold the cream into the condensed milk together with the rose syrup. I didn't want my ice-cream totally pink so in order to get a marble effect I folded it in with the cream. You can add the rose syrup to the condensed milk if you want a totally pink ice-cream
  • Pour the mixture into a freezer safe container, cover and and freeze overnight. I used a loaf baking tin.

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