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Weekends just fly by, don’t they!  I had a relaxing weekend and ate far too much. My neighbour celebrated her little boys birthday and she sent us cake. I promised I was going to be good but I didn’t want to be rude and not eat any of it. Because I am a food blogger she always loves to hear my “critic” on her baking. I couldn’t give her one without actually tasting the cake now, could I??? I didn’t feel like lying…haha! No more cake today, just Roasted Tomato Soup.

The cakes were delicious but my hubby is so disciplined, he will not even have a taste. He eats whatever he wants, only on his cheat day, the one day he chooses in the week. He’s clearly had enough of over-indulging. So here I am sitting with a whole lot of cake and my experimental cheesecake, as I was trying to improve my original recipe. After all that I think it’s time for some healthy eating again.

I won’t say I am thrilled about tomatoes. Yes I use tomatoes in my cooking but I am not particularly fond of tomatoes when they are the star of the dish. But my hubby and little one has been asking me to make them this Roasted Tomato Soup forever.  I finally gave in. It really wasn’t that bad, it tasted delicious, especially with some bread with grilled cheese, yum!

Although I used 3 different tomatoes, you could use just Roma tomatoes. I know  lot of recipes call for canned tomatoes but I prefer fresh tomatoes, especially after they are roasted. That little charred bits makes the soup all the more yummy. I used just one little potato to thicken up the soup…just don’t tell my hubby!  If he says he’s staying of carbs, I’ve got to believe he is. I won’t tell him about the potato, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt…haha!

Fresh herbs is something I love adding to my recipes. Especially thyme, it’s my favorite and I have a whole lot growing in my garden. You can also add cream or totally omit the cream from the soup. I didn’t add a whole lot but if you are really strict about your calories then I suggest you forget the cream and the cheesy bread, of course.

You can serve this soup with a dollop of pesto, some croutons or just some crusty bread. Whichever way you choose it still tastes delicious.

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Roasted Tomato Soup

Rich and creamy tomato soup, so delicious and flavor-filled
Course Main Course
Cuisine General
Keyword creamy tomato soup, tomato soup
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Servings 4


  • 2 large Roma Tomatoes
  • 100 gram Cherry Tomato
  • 8 medium Round tomatoes
  • 1 medium Potato chopped into small cubes
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 Onion finely chopped
  • 3 large cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 tspn dried Thyme
  • 1 tspn dried Oreganum
  • 1 tspn chilli flakes
  • 4 sprigs fresh Thyme
  • 1 tbsp fresh Basil leaves
  • 3 cups Vegetable Stock
  • 2 tbsp Cream
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1/2 tspn sugar


  • Blanch the roma and round tomatoes in boling water and remove the skin
  • Cut the tomatoes, except the cherry tomatoes, in quarters. Season all the tomatoes with salt, pepper and mix in the dried thyme, oreganum and olive oil. Don't add too much salt as the stock has salt. Place them on a baking sheet together with the garlic (skin on) and roast for 45 minutes until soft and slightly charred
  • Heat the butter in a pan and sauté the onion. Once translucent add the thyme and potato and cook until potatoes are brown. Add the chilli flakes and fry for a few seconds
  • Add the vegetable stock and cook until the potatoes are soft and tender
  • Remove the tomatoes from the oven. Add the tomatoes to the potato mixture and squeeze the garlic out of the skin and add to the soup. Heat through. Use a stick blender and blitz the soup until it is smooth
    Roasted Tomatoes on a baking tray
  • Add sugar if tomatoes are too acidic
  • Add the basil and cream
  • Serve warm with bread topped with grilled cheese


  1. If you are serving this soup as a starter then it feeds 4 people. However, as a main it serves 2. You can double the recipe if you feeding a family
  2. Although I used 3 different types of tomatoes you can use just Roma tomatoes if you wish
  3.  You can also use a Knorr Stockpot mixed in 3 cups of hot water 
  4. If you want a richer, creamier soup you can add more cream

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