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Burfee in a brass tray

Smooth, Creamy Burfee

I made this delicious Smooth, Creamy Burfee for Diwali but I didn’t post the recipe as I felt it needed to be tweaked a little. After testing it a few times I think it is now perfect. I had a request from my sister so it was time I finished working on that recipe. This...

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Bhindi Masala – Okra Masala

What a great morning of cooking and more cooking. I bought this Okra/Bhindi last week already and before it goes funny I had to get cooking. I am a little bored with my Okra with Chilli and Garlic so I thought I should cook something different today. This Bhindi Masala is definitely not how I...

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Egg-Free Crumbed Mushrooms

I have tried to get these Egg-Free Crumbed Mushrooms right, a few times before. However, it never quite turned out the way I wanted it to. This time however, it turned out perfect. I absolutely love these mushrooms and could eat them everyday, if only they weren’t deep fried. I am sure they could work...

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