13 September 2018 Lorraine

Finally, my day is looking brighter after a not so great start this morning.  But I’m going to let bygones be bygones and not talk about my “eventful” morning as I don’t want to jinx my bright and sunny afternoon. It’s a beautiful sunny, perfect beach kinda day in Johannesburg today. But we not so lucky, there is no beach in this city of gold, we can dream right?  Not really a day for curry, not that it matters much to me  as I can eat curry any day. I must admit I didn’t really plan a menu for today…

10 September 2018 Lorraine 1Comment

This is my little take on the art of roti-making, the South African Way. I never made much rotis in my life but that had to suddenly change when I married my husband. My rotis were not all that bad, was still very edible but not those soft rotis that the more skilled cooks make. I grew up in a South Indian home, the word South Indian doesn’t feature much in our South African vocabulary. In our home rice was a staple in our diet and with the North Indian community it was mainly roti,  therefore they’ve perfected the skill….