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There was a time when I didn’t know the difference between Natural cocoa and Dutch cocoa. I just assumed cocoa was cocoa. I hated science at school and I had a horrid science teacher which put me off science for life, maybe it’s why I didn’t bother to analyse the science behind cocoa. Anyway I once stumbled upon an article on cocoa and that’s when I had my little lesson in the life or should I say science of cocoa.

So for those of you still not sure here’s the low down on the science of cocoa.

Natural cocoa is lighter in colour, has a bitter taste and it’s acidic. This cocoa is used in recipes where baking soda is used as a leavening agent. When baking the acid in the cocoa helps the proteins set faster.

Dutch cocoa is a processed cocoa where it’s treated with alkali, this neutralises the acid in the cocoa. It is deeper in colour and has a milder, more mellow flavour than natural cocoa. This cocoa works well with baking powder.

In simple terms Natural cocoa is used with baking soda and Dutch cocoa with baking powder.


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