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I am sharing my boys bathroom décor which is my second post in keeping with our #Romancingthehome Masculine theme for the month of June. I revamped this bathroom 2 months ago for my sons. I had to keep it fairly masculine as I live in a home filled with boys. As much as I love pink and soft florals I doubt that will feature in my home anytime soon. This Masculine bathroom is mostly used by my 18 year old as my 10 year still thinks he has a right to use our master bathroom, which is where he spends most of his life.

The most important thing about decorating for me is that it has to be visually appealing, if it looks good and feels good then I go with it. My style of decorating is quite eclectic, mixing old with new but often I try to keep things as clean and simple as I can. I also like to create a sense of warmth and coziness in my home, no matter which room it is. Whether its a bathroom or a bedroom is must feel warm and welcoming, the idea of stone cold concrete with nothing else does not appeal to me.

We are living in our new home for 3 months now so I am still trying to complete my decorating. There is still a lot to do and in terms of budget it is a slow process. It’s why I also try to do a lot of DIY stuff around the house. Contractors have messed up some stuff in our home so I am slowly fixing what I can, nothing is perfect as I thought it would be. It’s a good thing I love DIY.

Back to my Masculine Bathroom, it is all grey as I tried to carry out a similar theme throughout the house, more natural colours with hints of colour.  I added a touch of yellow/lemon to the bathroom just to break the monotony of the greys. It is a simple bathroom with clean lines and no clutter. This bathroom is visually appealing to me and easy to clean, as a bathroom should be. This bathroom was also renovated on a budget.


I added some stripes to spruce up the plain walls. As you can see I used the stripes only on a small section of the wall, it creates a bold look but still not over the top.

Feminine Touch

I also didn’t want it too trendy as I want this bathroom to last a while, there’s no way I could decorate it again in a short space of time. My older son is at college and only comes home on the odd weekend so this bathroom also doubles up as a guest bathroom for when I have guests over. Therefore I have included some subtle feminine touches to the bathroom.

The grey colour of the bathroom leans towards masculinity so I added  the soft lemon hand towel which is a little more feminine. I loved the soap dispenser so I just had to buy it, masculine or not. It is metal, in keeping with the masculine theme but it is also round with a little lace like detail.

Plants always creates a serene atmosphere so it’s why I have plants everywhere, it also softens the hard edges of the basin. The black basket under the basin adds some texture to the bathroom and it serves a dual purpose, storage for towels and it hides the ugly pipe under the floating vanity.

Walls definitely need some décor, it just adds that final finish to a room. Here I used a masculine image, a very budget friendly one so I can always replace it without the guilt.

I also chose a vanity that has ample storage space for the boys, they are quite messy. The vanity has 2 drawers which is perfect for their toiletries and toothbrushes, they have been pretty good about putting their stuff away so I guess that vanity was a good choice.



The tiles is the shower definitely gives this bathroom a little personality, the mosaic tiles contrasts well with the plain wall tiles and therefore makes it the focal point of the bathroom.


The rug I chose for the bathroom is very simple and it was not from the bathroom section. I don’t think the bathroom section always has the prettiest bathroom rugs. I know rugs was not always a thing for bathrooms but I see rugs are on trend now. I did want one with a bit of colour but I struggled to find one that suited my taste so I settled for a simple rug. The rug also adds a little warmth to the otherwise cold grey bathroom. I have to ensure that the rug is not close to the toilet pan and is never damp, if it’s kept clean and dry it is safe.

There are a few more things I would like to add to the Masculine bathroom but for now it’s serves it’s purpose and it’s perfect. I hope I have given you some inspiration to create your dream bathroom on a budget!

Happy Decorating!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post Jan. Yes, that vanity will definitely work in any bathroom:-)

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