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Like me, I am sure many of you have heard about the Hygge culture, but never really got to understand what this phenomenon is really all about. I’m so glad I discovered it. I am all for coziness, comfort and that warm fuzzy feeling. Hygge, a word of Norwegian origin, pronounced “hoo-ga” is a concept that comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort and joy”. Hygge is more a mental rather than a physical state, it’s an ethos of coziness. I am sure most of us are experiencing Hygge almost everyday without even realizing it. If you’re snuggling up on your couch with a great read and a warm drink in hand and that feeling of coziness, that’s a hygge experience right there.

Denmark is a country that’s obsessed with all things cozy so it’s no wonder they are one of the happiest places in the world, despite their gloomy cold Winters and very little daylight. Hygge is not just the coziness, it’s our whole attitude towards life. Winter tends to be really dark and gloomy and sometimes makes it rather difficult to stay happy and positive. It’s why we need to create a sense of coziness and warmth in our own little environment. Bring our own little sunshine and life into our lives. Hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life, savouring relationships and taking a moment to breath and unplug.

Hygge is also a form of self-care. We get so wrapped up in our everyday routine and being a mom and a wife and taking care of our families and loved ones. We actually forget to give ourselves some “me-time”. There are times we just need to slow down….stop and breath…and renew our spirit.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – J Scott Fitzgerald

Over the years I have learned to be a little more selfish and I have created an atmosphere of Hygge in my own life,  without even realising it. Have you ever heard of a mom that actually takes some time for herself. Well I am that mom! Over the years I have learnt to take some time for myself without the guilt. Taking care of yourself is absolutely essential in order to take care of our family. After all we are of no use when we’re all run down and constantly a mess ourselves. Dedicating a little time for ourselves is much easier than we think and it is so rewarding   It creates a glow of sunshine and joy in our lives. I’m at my happiest when I do things I love. I have also found a renewed sense of self-worth and respect for myself.

Since starting my food blog I have learned to dedicate a few hours a day to my blog. Yes, it’s a hobby but it’s also what makes me happy and makes me feel like I have a purpose. My happiest space is my kitchen where I cook and create recipes and capture those food photos. It is my time and my space. Cooking my favourite foods keeps me warm and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. By the time my family gets home I can whole heartedly dedicate my time to them because I’ve had my Hygge moment for the day……I love this whole Hygge Concept….don’t you? If you want the ultimate comfort you’ve got to try these Warm Lemon Pudding Cakes, it’s the perfect Winter Comfort food.

This is a perfect winter dessert, cake and pudding all in one


I know Winter is gloomy for most people but I find a little bit of magic in winter. Maybe it’s because like the Danes I love coziness and warmth and hugs. My absolute favourite part of winter is snuggling with some hot chocolate and a throw in my fleece pyjamas with my favourite boys and a good read. Am I the only one that gets excited about getting into their PJ’s….I doubt I am!

You can create some Hygge in your life too with a few simple changes:

Making your Hygge winter cozy


Cozy up your own Environment

Make your home a warm, cozy and inviting sanctuary for you and your family. Light some candles, it definitely lifts the mood with it’s soft illumination. The scented candles can also be therapeutic, lavender and vanilla scented candles creates a calming effect. Throw some fluffy woollen rugs on the floor to make it a warm space. Add some texture with chunky pillows and faux fur throws, this adds to the coziness. Make use of soft lighting and have plenty of good books to read in your favourite cozy corner.

Making your Hygge winter cozy

Lounge Wear and Sleepwear

The ultimate coziness in Winter is wearing big fleecy pyjamas and a soft gown.  There’s nothing more that screams “hygge” than pyjamas, it’s the ultimate sense of comfort. Not forgetting the warm, chunky socks and slippers.

Making your Hygge winter cozy

Quality time with loved ones

Sitting on a warm patio on cold winter weekends soaking up the sunshine with your loved ones and being present is one way to spend quality time and savor relationships. Put away your cellphones and switch off the TV and really be present in the moment. Enjoy a special moment with your loved ones without any distraction. Slow down and enjoy these moments, hygge cannot be done in a rush

Take time out for yourself

Do something you’re passionate about. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy a hobby or an activity that gives you pleasure. There’s nothing that gives you more pleasure than doing something that makes you truly happy. Even if it’s just having coffee with a friend. Sitting outside in a garden café, basking in the warm sunshine, sipping on warm coffee. Just catching up with your friend does wonders for your spirit. Trust me, this is one of my favourite things to do……well not everyday of course!

Savor the simple things

A wam hot chocolate or coffee and your favourite comfort food, a time to indulge and appreciate the simple pleasures.  Stay positive and appreciate the little things in life. Whether it’s reading your favourite book or baking your favourite pastries. It’s these little things that will help enhance your sense of well-being.

Making your Hygge winter cozy

Cooking for friends

It’s wonderful to have your friends over in Winter. Everybody cozy around the dinner table, with a few candles lit and savoring your favourite foods. Create a warm, cozy atmosphere for your guests. It can be simple food cooked with love. Good company and good food around a dinner table can definitely pick up your mood

Eat that cake

Yes eat that cake and savour every bite. You deserve it and life is too short not to indulge sometimes


Turn your bathroom experience into a mini spa. Light some candles and soak up in a fragrant bubble bath. A warm bath is soothing and relaxing.


A safe, warm and comfortable place to sleep is so essential for a good night’s sleep and to help rejuvenate you. So treat yourself to some beautiful, soft winter bedding with comfy pillows and some gorgeous smelling linen spray.

Practice Gratitude

Always be thankful and grateful for everything in your life. Take time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things, like family, food and life’s little comforts.

And remember you have to live for the rest of the year too so don’t stop the Hygge once winter is over, you can carry it all through the seasons. We all need more of our spirits renewed from time to time, be it winter or summer!

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