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I’ve always loved Decorating with Plants and flowers in my home. Although I must admit I wasn’t always great at taking care of them. Flowers, however are becoming far too expensive to replace frequently and I’m really not into faux flowers so the next best thing for me is plants. It’s why I have fallen in love with houseplants and really trying hard to educate myself so I can make my plants last longer. I am all for decorating on a budget so I don’t believe you have to break the bank to have a good looking home. Yes, you can splurge on good quality mattresses, essential appliances, sofas and rugs but when it comes to trendy décor and plants, I think it’s best to stick to a budget.

Bringing nature in your home

One of the main reasons we moved to a new home was to have more nature around us. We certainly have a lot more greenery and large trees around us which we never had before. I have therefore tried to also incorporate this in our new home. Plants give our home a calming atmosphere and keeps me in touch with nature. It also freshens the air and definitely makes me feel more relaxed.

The Nursery

If I go to the nursery, which I have been doing a lot recently, I always ask for plants that need minimal care. Of course, you also have to know where in your home you are going to place the plants. There are plants that love shade and others that love light. Truth or myth I’m not really certain but I’ve heard that talking to plants also helps them grow, I haven’t quite mastered that skill yet.  Our home is not quite the green oasis but if I buy a few more plants I think I will soon have one.

Decorative Element

I am no expert talking to you about plants but what I do know is that it adds a beautiful decorative element to any home. I have plants everywhere, almost every room has a plant, they not all expensive plants and yet they do add aesthetic value to my home. We are lucky to have a few great nurseries close to our home where I usually purchase my plants.  I shop around for planters, and my favourite store is Mr Price Home. They stock a large variety of planters and they are good value for money.

Another amazing reason to decorate with plants is that they are so versatile, from tiny plants to accent your desk to huge plants to stand in an open floor space.

Reasons to keep plants in your home

Here are some reasons you should think about keeping plants in your home

  1. Provides more oxygen for the home
  2. Increasing humidity
  3. Reduces levels of some pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. It can even filter tiny fecal matter particles out of the air
  4. Reduces airborne dust levels. This is like another house filter
  5. Reduces carbon dioxide levels

I recently found these string of beads and I am totally in love with them, they are so chic. They work best in a hanging planter trailing over the edges. However, I haven’t yet found that perfect hanging planter or the space I want to use so it’s in my master bathroom for now. The cherry on the top is that it is a succulent and doesn’t require frequent watering, yay…absolutely works for me.

This plant is a Peace Lily which grows well in low humidity and low light. Some parts of my home doesn’t receive much light so this plant thrives in those areas.


Another favourite of mine is this pretty Bamboo Palm. I’ve always loved palms, it adds a dramatic touch to any home provided you have the right size for the right space. We have quite an open “formal” lounge so the Areca Palm fits really well in this beautiful space. Here’s a list of 15 indoor houseplants that won’t die on you

If you want to add some plants to your décor you may want to check indoor plants that are trending globally and how to care for them.


I hope I have inspired you to bring some nature into your home.


Until the next one



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