16 October 2019 Lorraine

Today I was totally lost as to what to cook. Since I’ve been back I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything, I think I am just exhausted. Well, I didn’t have a choice but to cook. We could do takeout but I prefer a homecooked meal over takeout. The quality of food is just not great anymore. At least with my cooking I know what goes into it. In saying that I don’t often use packet stuff and marinades. I prefer making my own from scratch. However, someone gave me a whole lot of Nandos marinades and sauces….

13 September 2019 Lorraine

I had a wonderful day today. My friend and I went shopping all day, she knows every little nook and cranny in Johannesburg. I visited a new spice shop, an Italian deli and an art shop. I am so excited because I bought canvasses to finally paint again. I am not the most creative but painting is also another form of therapy so I am so looking forward to it. I took a few art classes but my art teacher was a horror so I didn’t enjoy it much. But I am excited to try again. We did loads of…

30 August 2019 Lorraine

If only I had known sooner how easy it was to make these Chicken Pot Stickers with Dipping Sauce, I would have made them sooner. I have adapted this Chicken Pot Stickers recipe from Molly Yeh’s recipe from Food Network. My kids are crazy about Pot Stickers. I always thought it was too much work so I never bothered to even try them. However, it is actually not that difficult to make. It does take a little bit of time but that’s about it. And of course if the little folding technique can be a little bit of a pain….